olio extravergine di oliva olio nuovo olio guglielmi

Extra virgin olive oil. The new harvest

The extra virgin olive oil from the new harvest is more than ever special because the 2020/2021 harvest is dedicated to people.

Like every year, our special time has arrived. We are picking olives from our olive grows, in Puglia, near Castel del Monte, turning them in precious extra virgin.

What is more important, is to recognized the moment when the fruit finds the perfect balance between the right degree of veraison and the highest content of polyphenols.

This harvest promises to be qualitatively excellent and much less abundant than 2019, which had seen an exceptionally generous production. Harvesting is not just a job, it is passion and conviviality. Each olive contains a little of our history and a little of the people that make this process happen over the years.

The olives harvested so far are absolutely excellent. The dry summer guaranteed healthy and intact fruits, the heat peaks were well dealt by the irrigation in all our 200 hectares of olive groves ” explains Saverio Guglielmi, CEO of the company.

In all these months, all our staff, in the field and in the olive mill have been exceptional – continues Saverio Guglielmi – they have kept the entire production system in place: fruit control, land management and Irrigation, allowing us to reap the benefits of our work in a difficult year, characterized by the uncertainty of  the pandemic. It is to all the people who today allow us to offer our customers our extra virgin, that I’d like to dedicate this harvest.



On the occasion of the new harvest season, we’d like to present the market a new product. The Bag in Box.

A new packaging, strongly desired because good, Practical and Safe. The bag inside the box preserves the organoleptic properties of our extra virgin in the best possible way. Furthermore, the practical tap guarantees to withdraw the desired quantities of oil.