olio extravergine di oliva biologico di puglia


One of the mission of Olio Guglielmi is to enhance and preserve the territory it belongs to, also with organic farming. The organic extra virgin olive oil of the Monogram line is obtained only from the best olives, cold pressed in our mill within 24 hours from harvest. Our organic extra virgin, 100% Italian, comes from the blend of the Coratina and Peranzana cultivars. Organic olive growing allows to promote the biodiversity of the environment but above all the creation of an excellent product thanks to the implementation of sustainable cultivation processes with reduced use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides, while respecting the times and cycles of nature. The olive trees are then fertilized with organic substances, just as Apulian olive growers did in the past.


The result is an extra virgin olive oil with an extraordinary taste, a medium fruitiness that is a mix of the sweetly spicy notes of Peranzana and the powerful intensity of Coratina. Monogram Biologico is an harmonious extra virgin, an oil with vegetal aromas of bitter almond and slightly hints of artichoke stem, tomato leaf and medicinal herbs. Very balanced taste with bitter and spicy notes in harmony with each other.

The ever-growing interest in organic foods and the search for a healthy and environmentally friendly diet has led to the creation of our Monogram Biologico. Organic oil is in great demand, especially in infant nutrition, as a synonym of safety and high quality. This extra virgin olive oil is subjected to very strict and firm controls by Control Organization authorized by the MIPAAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Food Policies) and the company must demonstrate that it complies with the provisions of the Community Regulations.


This type of approach makes this extra virgin olive oil unique. The taste is given by many elements, such as the territory in which the olive trees grow and the processing method. Our olive groves are located in Puglia, in Andria, in the countryside near the famous Castel Del Monte. The meticulous, careful and loving care comes from an extreme respect for nature and from the awareness that extra virgin oil is born first on the branch, from the well-cared, healthy fruit. Coratina, Peranzana and Ogliarola are just some of the Apulian cultivars we cultivate, protected by the accurate work on the fields, like a real asset to be safeguarded. That’s why we take care of the olive groves every single day.

Monogram is the line of extra virgin olive oil from Puglia designed to enhance the different types of fruity. The range consists of 5 references: Leggero, Intenso, Fruttato and Fior D’O. The desire to mark this collection with a highly distinctive graphic sign stems comes from the idea of ​​imprinting with a high quality seal this autochthonous extra virgin olive oil. This is because Monogram oils are made only with olives from our groves in Andria, an area known for its centuries-old olive culture.
Also part of this line IGP Puglia and Flavored extra virgin.