Monogram intenso guglielmi presidio slow food

Monogram Intenso is Slow Food Presidia

We are in Andria, in Puglia, with the emblematic silhouette of Castel del Monte behind. In the city that made of oilve mills and delicious food and wine its symbols, such as Burrata IGP and the famous dragées “Tenerelli”, Olio Guglielmi paves the way to put on the table the quality of a unique cultural heritage product, the extra virgin olive oil.

The Guglielmi family, in fact, olive growers since 1954, carries on an ancient craft with the aim of promoting the culture of oil, one of the most important resources for the Apulian territory, whose landscape is outlined by centuries-old olive trees. Following this philosophy, already in 2018 Olio Guglielmi becomes part of the ExtraVirgin Guide with the Monocultivar Peranzana and in 2019 with the Monocultivar Coratina. The oils, selected by a team of experts for their link between genuine product and protection of the environmental heritage, outline a path in continuous evolution. Confirmation of the right direction comes with the selection of the Slow Food Presidium for Monogram Intenso, the extra virgin olive oil made only with Coratina cultivar olives, a variety typical of the northern Bari countryside, coming from the family lands in the Pantalone area./p>

Saverio Guglielmi Olio guglielmi monogram intenso

“We are honored with this mention – comments SaverioGuglielmi, exponent of the third generation of the company – because the national presidium of extra virgin olive oil promoted by Slow Food aims to enhance and defend the rich heritage of Italian olive growing, and this is also one of our first goals. That’s why we continue to work with respect for the land and environmental sustainability. ”
Coratina variety is well known for a characteristic of the fruit: the high presence of polyphenols. These precious antioxidants contribute to the originality of the organoleptic characteristics of extra virgin olive oil characterized by bitter and medium spiciness notes, hints of green olives, mown grass, tomato and arugola. The ability of Olio Guglielmi to maintain these qualities starts from the care of the olive trees and from the management of the whole supply chain.


“Our centuries-old olive trees – continues Saverio Guglielmi – are not far from the Alta Murgia Park. We take care of this legacy by using only organic fertilizer. Well-fed plants on fertile soil are likely to stay healthy and produce well. Annual pruning also serves to balance production: the vegetation is regulated so that the branches can produce constantly and not “every other year”. Periodic cutting interventions serve to allow air circulation and access of the sun’s rays to the top crown. This operation prevents stagnation of humidity, the main cause of diseases in the olive grove. A correct cultivation practice therefore already represents an excellent method of defense. A good prevention in fact allows to keep firm the cultivation with biological method, to collect healthy olives and to limit externsl interventions. This practice is part of our daily commitment to the production of increasingly good, clean and “fair” food. ”

In this context, spontaneous herbs and pruning residues are shredded and left in the field to enrich the soil with organic nutrients and limit the loss of water from the soil. But not only. To ensure maximum product quality, olives are harvested from the beginning of November, with the beginning of veraison. Brought immediately to the oil mill, about 7 km away from the olive groves, olives are milled within 2 hours from harvest. Once ready, the olive extra virgin olive oil is filtered and stored in stainless steel containers under nitrogen, in order to prevent oxidation. The Monogram Intenso extra virgin olive oil is therefore ready to be bottled.

“The Slow Food Presidium represents for us – concludes Saverio Guglielmi – the recognition of a job that is not simple, which sometimes clashes with the tough rules of the market. However, we are sure that our desire to “educate to taste” can help to transmit to the consumer the best tools for a conscious choice. ”