Couvette Medium


Couvette Medium is the refined and elegant box that contains a selection of our best extra virgin olive oils in 250ml format. Each box is modular and contains 3 bottles to mix and match by choosing from our various lines: Arso, Monogram, Aromatici.

The unique design of this box is a timeless style statement, an object of desire that makes it ideal both as a gift and as a design object in the kitchen.

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Couvette Line

Couvette elegantly enhances the excellent quality of our extra virgin olive oil. Ideal for those who love uncompromising taste and refinement, the line includes three types of boxes of different sizes including Couvette Small, Couvette Medium and Couvette Mignon. Each box contains a selection of our best extra virgin olive oils in various formats.

The perfect gift for any situation

Couvette Medium is one of a kind: although extra virgin olive oil is an ingredient for daily use, the packaging that contains it, with its particular style, makes Couvette Medium an unmistakable icon.

Magnificent in its simplicity, Couvette Medium is the perfect gift for any situation. In fact, the bottle customization service allows you to create non-repeatable taste paths. Couvette Medium is an experience that rekindles emotion and remains forever linked to the person who donated it.

An exclusive service

Our team is at your disposal to make your gift unique. Couvette Small lends itself to making every important occasion unforgettable, such as birthdays, small presents and big occasions. Get inspired and discover the unique way to say “thank you”.

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