Bag in Box Fruttato – 3l


When the spicy and bitter of Coratina meet the sweetness of Ogliarola olive variety the result is Monogram Fruttato.

Good, practical, safe. It’s Bag in Box Monogram.

The cardboard box contains a resistant bag suitable for the best preservation of the extra virgin olive oil. The convenient dosing tap allows you to use the desired amount of oil at any time.

Bag in Box Monogram best preserves the organoleptic properties of our oil because the bag does not enter air, reducing the risk that the contents oxidize.

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Fruttato Monogram is born from the meeting of the Coratina and Ogliarola varieties. The perfect mix of spicy and bitter notes with sweet hints creates an unrepeatable combination. Fruttato Monogram amazes with every taste thanks to the lively character given by the combination of sweet notes and bitter-spicy tips. The aromatic scents recall the smells of leaves wet with morning dew.

Monogram is the new Guglielmi Oil line dedicated to Extra Virgin Olive Oil composed of different types of oil: Light, Intense, Organic, Fruity, Fior’do and Flavored. “Monogram” was born from the desire to mark with a graphic sign a collection dedicated to quality extra virgin olive oil, a guarantee seal of excellence and authenticity. The cultivars from which the line was born are planted in our olive groves and carefully cultivated to enhance the Apulian territory, centuries-old guardian of olive culture.

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