Peranzana 500ml


Peranzana is the cold-pressed light fruity extra virgin olive oil obtained only from Peranzana variety olives, one of the most famous cultivars of Puglia. The sweet and delicate taste makes this extra virgin the ideal ingredient to enhance tartare, steamed fish, raw fish, white meats, delicate sauces.

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Gambero Rosso - Due Foglie


GOOA Berlin - Gold Award

Bibenda - 4 Gocce


Slow Food - Guida Extravergini

Bibenda - 4 Gocce

La Repubblica - Guida Puglia



Gambero Rosso - Oli D'Italia

Slow Food - Guida Extravergini


Peranzana is the light fruity of the “Le Monocultivar” collection, the new line dedicated to extra virgin olive oils born from three varieties of native Apulian olive trees. The olives of this typical variety of the Tavoliere area are harvested during the first weeks of October in our olive groves. Taken to the olive mill, they are cold-pressed within two hours. The result is a light fruity extra virgin, particularly delicate, known for its versatility in matching dishes. Peranzana is mild, like the spring sun of Puglia. The strong identity of this oil lies in the right proportion of sweet, spicy and bitter. The nose retains the intense aromas of the pressed olives with sensations of grass. Slight hints of tomato and fresh almond prevail on the palate.

It is said that the Peranzana cultivar was introduced in the Apulian lands around 1300 by the Angevins. Peranzana is the Italianized name of the local dialect deriving from the alteration of the word “Provencal”. This olive variety has been cultivated since immemorial time in Puglia. From it we obtain an extra virgin olive oil of absolute excellence characterized by organoleptic connotations of the highest quality accompanied by a very low acidity content. The importance that the cultivation of this cultivar has had in the history of the Guglielmi family is such that it led to the birth of the “Le Monocultivar” project.

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