Olio Fior D’O

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NOVELLO – Harvest 2022

Fior D’O is the extra-virgin olive oil obtained from the first olives in the last harvest. The intense aroma of fresh olives and the creamy texture make Fior D’O a rustic and genuine oil. To be served with simple dishes: warm bruschettas, fresh cheeses, raw vegetables and soups.

Olio Nuovo - Campagna Olearia 2022/23
New Harvest - 2022/23

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Fior D’O stands out from other extra virgin olive oils because it is a fresh and first-pressing product, born to be consumed quickly. The intense scent of fresh olives and its creamy consistency make Fior D’O a rustic and genuine extra virgin olive oil. Unfiltered and not decanted, it retains that unique flavor in which the bitter, the spicy and the fruity are in perfectly balanced in the mouth. Fior D’O, thanks to these characteristics, releases all the flavors of the oil mill that show Olio Guglielmi experience and love for nature. Fior D’O preserves all olive nutritional properties such as vitamins and polyphenols, very powerful natural antioxidants.

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100ml, 100ml Spray, 250ml, 500ml