Puglia Bio PGI 500ml


Puglia Bio PGI is made only with Ogliarola organic olives from our olive trees dedicated exclusively to the production of this extra virgin in order to guarantee a very high level of quality. Discover its authentic character.


True authenticity

Puglia Bio PGI is our homage to Puglia, where our oil is born. It is a tribute to the olive trees of this generous land, which we take care of every day by safeguarding its ecosystem.
Puglia Bio PGI is the tangible sign of our relationship with nature and you can see it starting from the bright green packaging, whose color recalls the fruits of our organic extra virgin olive oil. Green, like the branches of the olive trees of Puglia illuminated by the sun.

Organic extra virgin olive oil from Ogliarola

Puglia Bio PGI oil fully expresses territoriality from the first taste. Ogliarola is in fact one of the best-known varieties of our territory, and in particular of the area where our centuries-old olive trees are found.

The carefully selected olives are pressed in a short time and at very low temperatures. This allows us to preserve all the intensity of the aromas of the pressing with notes of fresh almond and aromas of jasmine. Its medium flavor is accompanied by an elegant and soft taste, with mild bitterness and spiciness.

A quality certification

Puglia Bio IGP oil is synonymous with authenticity. The certification of the PGI community mark (Protected Geographical Indication) guarantees the typicality and the strong link with the territory, confirmation of which is obtained by following strict production regulations.

Each bottle is guaranteed by the protection consortium, which verifies all the steps of the supply chain: from production, rigorously carried out in Puglia, from the plant to packaging. In addition to the PGI certification, there is also that of organic production certification. Our commitment is to guarantee the natural fertility of the soil by excluding the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms.

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    Evooleum Top 100 87/100

    Bibenda 2023 - 4 gocce

    Flos Olei Selected Farm


    Berlin GOOA Platinum

    Evooleum 92/100