Monogram Tris 100 ml

Monogram Tris contains 3 100ml extra virgin olive oil bottles in a dynamic design box. Monogram tris is the right choice for those who want to taste different fruity typologies or those you travel by flight and cannot give up on Olio Guglielmi.

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100 ml bottle extra virgin olive oil available in 4 different fruity types.  Monogram Tris is a modular box where you choose the composition yourself. This small box, very practical for its size, can contain 3 100ml extra virgin olive oil bottles. Other available sizes are 250ml,500 ml, 750 ml and 5 liter tin.

Monogram is the product line composed of different extra virgin olive oils. The collection includes

Leggero, Intenso, Biologico, Fruttato, Fior’do and Flavored olive oils. “Monogram” is born from the desire to mark with a graphic sign a collection dedicated to high quality extra virgin olive oil, and thus, symbolises a seal of guarantee of excellence and genuineness. Cultivars from which the line comes from are planted in our olive groves and cultivated with attention to enhance the territory of Puglia, the secular custodian of the olive tree culture .