Coratina 500ml


Monocultivar Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an intense fruity cold pressed olive oil. Obtained only from the fruits of our centuries-old olive trees of Coratina variety, one of the most famous olive cultivars of Puglia, it stands out for its strong and intense character. These characteristics make this oil the ideal ingredient to enhance traditional dishes, cooked vegetables, fresh cheeses, white pizzas, artichoke carpaccio, bruschetta, legumes and red meats.

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NYIOOC - Gold Award


Olive Japan - Gold Award

Gambero Rosso - Due Foglie Rosse



Bibenda - 4 Gocce

Flos Olei

Gambero Rosso - Oli D'Italia


NYIOOC - Gold Award

Olive Japan - Silver Award

Bibenda - 4 Gocce

Slow Food - Guida Extravergini


Bibenda - 4 Gocce


Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar is the extra virgin olive oil for those who love strong “characters”. Its intense taste is due to the important presence of polyphenols, very powerful antioxidants that return that tingle in the throat during tasting. Coratina is an intense fruity cold extracted extra virgin, unforgettable on the palate for its intriguing taste. Harmoniously poised between bitter and spicy, it retains all the power of the scents of wet grass.

Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar obtained in 2018 the 4 drops Ais Bibenda, the prestigious award of the Italian Sommelier Foundation. In 2020 it won the international EVOOLEUM AWARDS 2020 competition with a score of 89/100 and officially became part of the TOP100 and the exclusive Guide EVOOLEUM 2021, the guide to the best oils in the world.


“Le Monocultivar” is the new line dedicated to extra virgin olive oil born from three varieties of native Apulian olive trees. The olives, harvested during the first weeks of October on our land, are immediately taken to the mill and pressed within 2 hours of harvesting. “Coratina”, “Ogliarola” and “Peranzana” thus become icons of a timeless taste, whose intoxicating aromas and aromas that emanate on the palate recall genuineness, excellence and high quality.


Since 1954 Olio Guglielmi has been producing extra virgin olive oil in Puglia and more precisely in Andria, a land with an agricultural vocation where olive groves are an integral part of not only economic but also social culture. The Guglielmi family has been working for more than 60 years in the cultivation of these incredible plants and the milling of its fruits in our oil mill. In this half century of extra virgin olive oil production, the watchword has always been innovation, both in the machinery and in the product.


The new line dedicated to the native Apulian cultivars entitled “Le Monocultivar” was created to enhance the territorial identity. Each oil is a single variety of Coratina, Ogliarola and Peranzana and is pressed within two hours of harvesting. The result is an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil that “speaks” of the territory from which it comes. This principle is actually applied to all production, as clearly evidenced by the conquest of the National Slow Food Presidium in the province of Barletta Andria Trani for Monogram Intenso extra virgin olive oil. The goal is to bring to the table the quality of a unique cultural heritage, that of Apulian and Italian extra virgin olive oil.


Olio Guglielmi works all year without ever stopping. The care of the plant is daily, every day we go to the land to view the health of the trees. Bottling the oil is another daily activity. The product is stored in steel silos under nitrogen and bottled if necessary to have an always fresh extra virgin olive oil. The activity that summarizes the whole meaning of our work is the olive harvest and milling. The whole process, which takes place between October and November, becomes very hectic as being quality our goal, we take care to collect the olives and immediately take them to the new state-of-the-art oil mill to be pressed within a few hours with cold extraction.


The present and the future of Olio Guglielmi is excellence. The creation of an ever better product, with impeccable organoleptic characteristics is one of the main objectives. Along with it is the recognition of this quality by consumers and by catering professionals.

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