Box I.G.P.

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Box I.G.P. is the box that embellishes the line dedicated to extra virgin olive oil from Puglia: Olio di Puglia I.G.P. and Olio di Puglia I.G.P. Bio. This Box designed in an elegant key enhances the land of Puglia with its colors and brings back the memory of its centuries-old olive trees.
Its unique and refined design is perfect for those who love to amaze with an elegant and tasteful gift.

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Box I.G.P. : a special gift idea for Puglia lovers

Box I.G.P. it is the perfect gift for those who love extra virgin olive oil and want to savor the flavors and aromas of high quality oil. The box contains a bottle of your choice between Monogram Olio di Puglia I.G.P. and MonogramOlio Di Puglia I.G.P. Bio. The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) guarantees the origin and quality of the product, offering a guarantee of excellence and authenticity.

Quality and design. For us at Olio Guglielmi they are a unique combination

It’s not just the quality of the olive oil that makes Box I.G.P. a special gift. Its unique and refined design is perfect for those who love to amaze with an elegant and tasteful gift.
Box I.G.P. was conceived as a design object, with a modern and minimalist line that makes it perfect for any decor. Furthermore, the packaging is made with high quality materials and finished with attention to detail, to offer a 360-degree sensory experience.

Thanks to its timeless and always current style, Box I.G.P. is suitable for all types of recipients: from lovers of extra virgin olive oil to collectors of design objects, passing through those who wish to amaze with an elegant and refined gift.

Choose Box I.G.P. as a gift for your special occasions and let yourself be conquered by the quality and unique design of this product of excellence. You can only make an excellent impression, offering a gift of taste and refinement that will certainly not go unnoticed.

Discover our extra virgin olive oils dedicated to Puglia

Monogram Olio di Puglia I.G.P. is the extra virgin olive oil with an intense and rich taste released by the Coratina monocultivar, a flavor that knows how to restore the most beautiful images of our territory to the palate. This product is the symbol of a traditional and quality work that encloses in its intense taste the values of the earth, the strength of the sun and the gentleness of the wind.

Monogram Puglia oil I.G.P. Bio is the organic extra virgin olive oil with the most delicate and fruity nuances, it is made only with organic olives of the Ogliarola variety from our olive groves. It is a tribute to the olive trees of this generous land, which we take care of every day by safeguarding its ecosystem. Olio di Puglia Bio I.G.P. is the tangible sign of our relationship with nature and you can see it starting from the bright green packaging, whose color recalls the fruits of our organic extra virgin olive oil. Green, like the fronds of Puglia’s olive trees illuminated by the sun.

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