fior d’o

fior d’o

We have great news for our best customers:
you can pre-order fior d’o novello oil in advance
until October 29th!

You will receive it by the start of November and you will be able to sell the oil from the new harvest before everyone else!

Order now, fior d’o is a product available, in 100ml and 500ml bottles, only for a short period and in limited quantities.

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    fior d’o is an authentic “olio nuovo” because…

    fior d’o is the result of the first extraction of the olives and stands out for its fresh and intense aroma.
    Its essence is linked to the care of our olive trees.

    But there is much more… here are some aspects that make our “olio nuovo” so special:

    Olives selection

    It is obtained by pressing the olives harvested in our olive groves in the first days of October, to guarantee maximum freshness and quality.

    The milling process

    Cold extracted in a very short time to guarantee an authentic new oil, which is instantly filtered and immediately bottled.

    The full-bodied and pervasive taste

    With spicy and bitter notes that contrast with those of fresh herbs, making it ideal to eat raw, on roasted bread, bruschetta or on soups and typically winter dishes.

    Why order fior d'o?


    Offer your customers the opportunity to taste the new harvest extra virgin olive oil in preview

    Price freeze

    We have price freeze of this pre-order just for you offering a unique possibility

    Immediate shipping

    Receive your new oil worldwide by the end of October

    Customer’s Loyalty

    The idea of an exclusive service brings you more sales and more emotions for your customers.