Peranzana…you are so special! Discover all the awards achieved

Peranzana you are so special…

Monocultivar” product line marks an important step in the story of our oil mill. The idea of creating a line for high quality extra virgin olive oil obtained from the most representative olive varieties of Puglia has always been one of our objectives.

This purpose has come true. What we really wanted was to make real our conception of quality and love for our land. Our extra virgin olive oil is the symbol of the extreme care of our olive trees. Coratina, Ogliarola and Peranzana came to life, beautiful, as their taste.

A fascinating beauty that has captivated Italian and foreign palates.

In particular, Peranzana for its delicate and balanced character has enchanted Evooleum panel of judges, the international competition prizing the World’s TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Peranzana is among them! It has achieved the important score of 88/100 and it’s the sole extra virgin olive oil from Peranzana olive variety. Thus, Olio Guglielmi, together with other 14 Italian companies, will be in the Evooleum guide.

The Italian audience of the evolovers was not long in coming.

Thanks to its sweet taste, Peranzana has fascinated also Gambero Rosso panel of judges. Introduced in Verona during SOL, the guide by Stefano Polacchi, awarded it with Tre Foglie, representing an important accomplishment for us. 

Symbol of quality for extra virgin olive oil producers is also the famous gocce of BIBENDA guide.

The entire Monocultivar line has received by the Italian Sommelier Foundation which takes care of this prestigious guide, the desired 4 drops, a goal that immortalizes our great commitment to give rise to a product that favors the harvesting in October and the milling within two hours of the harvest.

The philosophy of our extra virgin olive oil production has not gone unnoticed.

Combining a genuine product with the protection of environmental heritage is possible. Thanks to this philosophy, Monocultivar Peranzana and Ogliarola have been selected by Slow Food Italia in the extra virgin olive oil online guide.

Evooleum, Gambero Rosso, Bibenda and Slow Food. They are more than simple prizes. These results are not just trophies to be exhibited, guides to be kept on the desk. These achievements are the greatest success for us: the fruit of a perennial work, of experiments made of tradition and innovation. They are the starting point, the springboard to aspire to an ever higher quality.