Monogram IGP Puglia, icon of our land

There is an extra virgin olive oil that knows how to return the palate the most beautiful images of our land.  This is Monogram IGP Puglia.  Symbol of the high quality work that loses tradition over time, carries in its intense taste the values ​​of the ground, the strength of the sun and the kindness of the wind.

The extra virgin olive oil PUGLIA IGP offers maximum certainty in terms of authenticity. Each bottle is guaranteed by the consortium, that verifies the entire production chain, rigorously made in PUGLIA, from the tree itself to the final packaging.
The oil is also subjected to chemical and sensorial tests (tasting by commissions recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture) to check the complete compliance with the disciplinary.
Olio Puglia IGP also means commonness and a strong link with the territory, certified by the IGP Community trade mark (Protected Geographical Indication) and by a strict production disciplinary.

The IGP PUGLIA oil is born from selected olives, pressed right after the harvest at very low temperatures.
A green oil with golden hues, aromas of fresh grass, artichoke and tomato.
Its medium-intense flavor is accompanied by the typical bitter and spicy notes that make it decisive, but well balanced.