Monogram olio extravergine di oliva puglia olio guglielmi

Monogram is the collection of extra virgin olive oil from Puglia designed to enhance the different types of intesity. The range consists of 5 references: Light, Intense, Fruity and Fior D’O. The desire to mark this collection with a highly distinctive graphic sign stems from the idea of ​​imprinting this extra virgin olive oil coming only from the native cultivar with a high quality seal. Monogram oils are in fact made only with olives from the land of the Guglielmi family, olive groves cultivated and cared for daily in Andria, near Castel del Monte, an area known for its centuries-old olive culture. The Aromatics and IGP Puglia are part of this line.

Monogram olio extravergine di oliva olio guglielmi


Created only from Coratina olive variety, Monogram Intenso is the ideal olive oil for those who love strong flavors. It owes its vigorous character to the most famous cultivar of Apulia, cultivated on the land surrounding Castel del Monte. Thanks to the strong presence of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants, Monogram Intenso is characterized by a bitter and slightly spicy aftertaste, hints of artichoke and almond with aromas of freshly cut grass.


When the spicy and bitter of Coratina meet the sweetness of Ogliarola olive variety the result is Monogram Fruttato. Thanks to this unrepeatable combination, Monogram Fruttato amazes every tasting thanks to the lively character given by the perfect combination of soft and bitter-spicy flavors. Its aromatic perfumes recall the smells of the leaves bathed by morning dew.


Created from a blend of olive varieties known for their soft and round taste, Monogram Leggero is the ideal olive oil for those who love harmonious flavors. Thanks to the skillful mix of Leccino and Peranzana, Monogram Leggero surprises for its sweetness on the palate, where the flavor of almond and apple are combined with the lively perfume typical of the blooming countryside.


An intriguing mix between the sweet and yet spicy notes of Peranzana and the intensity of Coratina. Monogram Biologico is a balanced extra virgin, an oil with vegetable aromas of bitter almond and hints of artichoke stem, tomato leaf and medicinal herbs. Very stable taste with persistent bitter and spicy notes, in harmony with each other.

fiordo olio extravergine di oliva non filtrato olio guglielmi

Fior D'O

Fior D’O stands out from other extra virgin olive oils because it is a fresh and first-pressing product, born to be consumed quickly. The intense scent of fresh olives and its creamy consistency make Fior D’O a rustic and genuine extra virgin olive oil. Unfiltered and not decanted, it retains that unique flavor in which the bitter, the spicy and the fruity are in perfectly balanced in the mouth. Fior D’O, thanks to these characteristics, releases all the flavors of the oil mill that show Olio Guglielmi experience and love for nature. Fior D’O preserves all olive nutritional properties such as vitamins and polyphenols, very powerful natural antioxidants.