Monocultivar Magnum

Monocultivar Magnum is the special version of this limited edition Peranzana. The 1-liter bottle, with its rounded shape and its sunny colors, marks the table with great scenographic impact. A special format to pay homage to the balanced taste of one of Puglia’s most famous cultivars. Ideal for a special gift.


Beauty is preserved in simple things, in the landscape of one’s own land, in authentic flavors. The beauty of our cold extracted extra virgin olive oil is contained in the purity of the “Monocultivar”, the new line dedicated to extra-virgin olive oils born from three native Apulian olive varieties, milled within 2 hours of the harvest.
Coratina“, “Ogliarola” e “Peranzana” become icons of a timeless taste, whose scents and flavors recall the authenticity and the excellence of a premium quality olive oil.


It is the queen among the Italian olive varieties for its high content of polyphenols that give the throat a tingling sensation during the tasting. Monocultivar Coratina is the extra virgin olive oil for those who love decisive characters. Olives, harvested during the first weeks of October, are pressed in two hours. This produces an extra virgin cold-extracted olive oil, unforgettable on the palate for its intriguing taste, harmoniously balanced between bitter and spicy, that preserves all the wet grass aromas.


Balance. Monocultivar Peranzana is mild, like the spring sun of Apulia. Its delicate and incisive taste is a delicate kiss. The olives, harvested during the first weeks of October, are pressed withing two hours. This produces an extra virgin cold-pressed oil known for its versatility in dishes.


Elegance. It’s unforgettable for its scents and delightfulness. This extra virgin olive oil, obtained from olives harvested during the first weeks of October and pressed in the next two hours, is then strictly cold extracted. The result is a very pleasant olive oil with notes of fresh almond and jasmine scents.