monocultivar coratina premi 2019 olio guglielmi

All awards of 2019 Monocultivar Coratina

Monocultivar Coratina conquers everyone’s heart and palate thanks to the organoleptic characteristics that have always distinguished it. The intense taste with a spicy finish has been recognized not only in Italy but also in America and Japan, winning prizes and important awards.

Despite all the adversities encountered in this past olive oil season, we have maintained our goal of achieving a high standard of fruit quality. We did not give up! And we used all our strength to always take care and “cuddle” our olive trees. We are proud that our work has been recognized, and it is with great satisfaction that we announce the awards received for the Monocultivar Coratina: Gold Awards NYOOC, Silver Olive Japan, 4 drops AIS BIBENDA, Slow Food Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019.


The International Olive Oil Competition takes place every year in New York and is the largest worldwide competition for extra virgin olive oil. The achievement of the gold medal marks that the road taken by the whole team of Olio Guglielmi is the correct one. The pursuit of high quality product starts from the fields and ends with the production process. The result is an extra virgin olive oil that has been rated one of the finest by the best tasters in the world. 


A mindful process is essential to create an extra virgin olive oil with an unforgettable taste. This is why the Monocultivar Coratina olives are harvested during the first weeks of October and pressed within two hours at our oil mill. This celerity in the process guarantees the smell of fresh olives and preserves the organoplectic characteristic of the fruit, because the olives remain in the bins for a very short time.

Also Japan has recognized the value of our constant dedication. The Olive Japan jury was positively captivate by the strong taste of our Coratina and gave it the silver medal.

Olive Japan is the international competition on quality extra virgin olive oil that is held in Tokyo, which has the great merit of bringing olive growers and their products together with Japanese users and consumers.

It takes a lot of effort to create a remarkable olive oil. A constant commitment that has been recognized to Olio Guglielmi also from AIS BIBENDA. The intensely fruity taste, the bitter and spicy notes that gives reminiscent of tomatoes and artichokes aftertaste, typical Apulian flavors, have brought Monocultivar Coratina to conquer the desired 4 drops.


Also this year, as in 2018, our oil is part of the Guide ‘Extravirgin Olive Oil’ by Slow Food Italy. The guide is the result of the work of several experts and enthusiasts and give a map of the best Olive oil production in 2018. Olio Guglielmi stands among them, representing the most known variety of Puglia.

Our presence in the Guide ‘Extravirginis’ has a double meaning for us. Not only the granted guarantee of an authentic and genuine production, but above all it help standing out our work in the field of respect for the earth and for the health of the consumer.