luca pezzetta olio guglielmi

Luca Pezzetta and Olio Guglielmi on the same wave line

Luca Pezzetta, “Best pizza chef” for the Identità Golose 2020 Guide, and we at Olio Guglielmi are on the same line when it comes to high quality ingredients. An extraordinary pizza needs special attention to be remembered: the “column” ingredients, such as the extra virgin olive oil, must be impeccable.


Luca Pezzetta has his own special vision on the subject. Each pizza, in fact, is a skilful combination of elements where unusual flours, yeasts treated with love and mind-boggling toppings combine to create a new style of pizza. At Osteria di Birra del Borgo in Rome, Tre Spicchi according to Gambero Rosso Pizzerie d’Italia guide, Luca found his beloved “laboratory”. Here there is continuous experimentation; research in dough and Italian raw materials exploited to the maximum. All this leads to the birth of an out of the ordinary pizza: so extremely “traditional” as to be “modern”.


This is a concept that is particularly dear to us at Olio Guglielmi: to revive tradition through a new way of looking at things. This is what happens for our extra virgin olive oil, a synthesis of Apulian olive growing and current events, a continuous movement between the past and anticipations of the future. Our collaboration is based on the trust of the highest quality products. Some of the extra virgin olive oils used by Chef Pezzetta, like Monocultivar Peranzana, and Monogram IGP Puglia, are in fact the emblem of a modern product, with attention to the smallest details, just like his creations. As with leavened products, our extra virgin olive oil is also the result of passion and tenacious research aimed at obtaining a product that makes a difference and deserves to be remembered. Just like Luca’s pizzas.