Olive harvest in PUGLIA

Olive harvest: an unforgettable moment.

Our harvest has already started and you can buy the new 2018/19 oil in our mill.

When the autumn scents begin to be smelled and the colors of land appear on the table, the moment of olive harvesting has arrived. For Olio Guglielmi this is a crucial moment. Between October and November the olives that has reached the right degree of ripeness are harvested by all our staff.

The alarm clock at dawn and the smell of dew catapult us into a unique charmed landscape  where the olive trees give off all their beauty.

During harvesting, manual techniques, such as combing, alternate with mechanical ones through vibrating combs. Combing consists in using a tool similar to a comb that detaches the olives by moving through the branches. The olives falling on nets placed under the olive tree are immediately picked up and carefully selected. As technology is an integral part of our vision of quality, this manual method is flanked by the mechanical combing that allows good crop yields and reduces working time.

Once harvested, the olives are placed into containers with holes so to have an optimal aeration, and brought to the mill in a few hours. This allows us to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the fruit and to produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

We look forward to making you taste our new oil!