A unique product

The “Couvette” gift box line is designed to elegantly enhance the excellent quality of our extra virgin olive oil. Synthesis between the excellence of our product and the elegance of Italian design, it consists of boxes of various sizes and colors designed to satisfy the most refined tastes. The passion and love for our product are reflected in every detail of the Couvette line, to guarantee you an unforgettable taste and style experience. Each box is modular and contains a selection of our best extra virgin olive oils that you can combine, choosing between the Monogram and Aromatic lines.

Discover the art of gift-giving

Couvette is much more than a gift box. It offers a unique and unrepeatable experience, celebrating the art of gift-giving with style and elegance. Our exclusive packaging transforms an everyday ingredient into a work of art, an unmistakable icon that does not go unnoticed.

Thanks to our personalized Couvette service, you can create customized taste paths, choosing from different varieties of oil and adding personalized messages. A Couvette gift is a complete sensory experience that involves all the senses and reignites emotions.

Couvette is the perfect gift for every occasion and is the perfect way to express affection and esteem, to celebrate a special moment or simply to make the daily life of your loved ones sweeter.

Discover our Couvette line and be conquered by the art of giving!

The qualities of Couvette Olio Guglielmi


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The perfect gift

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Our extra virgin olive oil is a guarantee of goodness and value

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